Olesia Krivtsova

Onboard Northern Fleet’s large landing ship "Ivan Gren" are damaged Ukrainian weaponry and alleged "Nazi literature". The display is part of the “Strength in Truth” propaganda campaign. At the event, residents of Arkhangelsk are invited to sign up to fight in Ukraine.
September 17, 2023
Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the level of violence against women in Russia has increased, and the state has suddenly taken an interest in their reproductive rights again.
September 13, 2023
Harassment on social media, mass denunciations, apologies on camera, expulsion from educational institutions – the political scene in the Arkhangelsk region has been cleared with special care. As a result, some ended up in prison, others were forced to leave the country, and some began to actively “cooperate with the investigation”. The Barents Observer collected testimonies from activists who spoke about “setups” by university professors, threats of conscription, a strange FSB officer who introduced himself by various names, and many other tricks that were used against activists and journalists.
September 05, 2023