Years Inter Continental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) was launched from Plesetsk on Wednesday. Photo:

Second missile launch from Plesetsk in a week

Ballistic missile RS-24 Yars with dummy nuclear warheads crossed the Arctic hemisphere and hit the target at Kamchatka.
September 20, 2017


The test-launch took place from Plesetsk in Arkhangelsk region, news agency TASS reports with referanse to Russia’s Defense Ministry.

«Strategic missile forces practiced the procedure of redeploying a battery of the mobile system Yars to a remote region, preparations for and the launch proper,» the ministry said.

The launch takes place a day after the Russian Northern Fleet carried out intensive cruise missile launches at different targets in the Barents Sea and from the Arctic Kotelny island. Further south, the larger military exercise Zapad-2017 is carried near the borders to the Baltic States and Poland.

Also last week, a intercontinental RS-24 Yars was launched from Plesetsk. Last week’s launch was from a silo, while the latest was from a mobile launcher. A Yars missile carries at least four nuclear warheads.



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