Atle Staalesen

Nowhere in the country has a hospital been erected this quickly, regional authorities say.
June 08, 2020
Thousands of tons of spilled diesel oil are being pumped into special containers placed along affected rivers and creeks. The substances will be removed from the desolate area only after the tundra freezes next winter.
June 08, 2020
The Norwegian forces based in Kirkenes for the first time conduct live fire exercise with a Javelin anti-tank missile. The training is part of Norway's buildup of military capacities in the North.
June 07, 2020
Large territories of rivers, streams and tundra lands are covered by more than 20 thousands tons of diesel oil from a reservoir owned by company Nornickel. The catastrophe was reported to the authorities only two days after the spill and nobody really knows how to clean up.
June 04, 2020
The regional governor says the bridge connection that carries a major share of all goods supplies to the Russian Arctic city can not be rebuilt before October.
June 03, 2020
The North Russian region has one of the quickest growing number of new cases in the country.
June 03, 2020
Despite declining prices and uncertain market outlooks, the leader of Novatek is confident that his company in ten years will deliver up to 70 million tons of liquified natural gas from its Arctic projects.
June 02, 2020
Russia's icebreaking research station was to be ready to drift across Arctic waters already in 2020.
June 01, 2020
Their objective is to challenge the current legal and territorial status of the region and undermine Russia's development of natural resources, leader of FSB's Border Guard Service Vladimir Kulishov argues.
May 28, 2020
Commercial shipping on the Northern Sea Route starts earlier than ever before. By late May, a carrier had set out on the icy route without icebreaker escort.
May 27, 2020