Nordic leaders will head to Washington DC and the White House on May 13. Photo: Thomas Nilsen

In U.S.-Nordic meeting, a touch of the Arctic

President Obama invites five Nordic state leaders to the White House.
марта 21, 2016


Among the points to be addressed in the meeting is «coordination of Arctic issues», the White House informs. The meeting will take place on May 13th. 

«This summit will deepen U.S.-Nordic cooperation while highlighting America’s continued commitment to European security, trans-Atlantic trade, and the promotion of common democratic values», the statement from White House says.

Among the other discussion issues in the U.S.-Nordic meeting will terrorism, environment, global health, nuclear security and migration and refugees.

In a comment, Norwegian PM Erna Solberg says the meeting will bolster the strong ties between the countries. «Peace, democracy and human rights are basic values which the Nordic countries share with the USA», she underlines in a press release.

The meeting follows the convening of Nordic leaders with Obama in Stockholm, September 2013. 

That gathering took place just four months after Washington had adopted its National Strategy for the Arctic Region. Today, the U.S. chair the Arctic Council on the basis of three main priorities; Improving Economic & Living Conditions for Arctic Communities; Arctic Ocean Safety, Security & Stewardship; Addressing the Impacts of Climate Change.

In last week’s meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Obama underlined that the U.S. and Canada should do “more to protect our countries and our communities — especially in the Arctic — from climate change”.




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