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Border guards from the European agency Frontex look set to remain at Finland’s frontier with Russia throughout the summer and into the autumn months, according to a report on Monday by news group Uutissuomalainen.
April 30, 2024
Inspections carried out by Lapland’s Regional State Administrative Agency (Avi) of tourism companies in the region have undercovered evidence that foreign workers are often underpaid as well as being subjected to poor working conditions.
April 30, 2024
Ramiro Menaya, a 24-year-old from Spain, spent the last winter season working as a safari guide for the Rovaniemi-based company Nordic Unique Travels in Finnish Lapland.
April 15, 2024
As expected, the Finnish government on Thursday decided to extend the closure of the border with Russia.
April 04, 2024
Only 10 percent of Russian citizens in Finland told an online exit poll that they voted for President Vladimir Putin in Russia’s weekend election.
March 18, 2024
Finland closed its eastern border with Russia in December due to an influx of undocumented migrants.
February 05, 2024
The Kremlin official claimed it is possible that the “collective West” is urging migrants to leave Russia for Finland.
January 14, 2024
Finnish authorities have begun investigating about 1,000 asylum seekers over suspicions that they committed a border offence when they entered the country.
January 14, 2024
The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has reported that Russian authorities are allegedly enticing migrants seeking to enter Finland with expired visas to stay in Russia, only to later deploy them to the conflict in Ukraine.
December 08, 2023
According to the Finnish Environment Institute (Syke), many species could disappear as temperatures rise over the next few decades.
September 29, 2023