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The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has reported that Russian authorities are allegedly enticing migrants seeking to enter Finland with expired visas to stay in Russia, only to later deploy them to the conflict in Ukraine.
December 08, 2023
According to the Finnish Environment Institute (Syke), many species could disappear as temperatures rise over the next few decades.
September 29, 2023
Housing rental costs in Finland increased during the first quarter of this year, but to a greater degree in areas outside Greater Helsinki, according to Statistics Finland.
April 20, 2023
There will be more Border Guard units out and about, as staff are shifted from border checkpoints.
April 10, 2023
February was milder than usual across Finland, according to the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI).
March 03, 2023
A group of protesters disrupted logging operations at Aalistunturi in Kolari, Finland, on Sunday.
February 14, 2023
The combined population of Arctic foxes across the Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian areas of Lapland may have hit a record high this year, according to David Bell, the head of the Felles Fjellrev Nord II project.
December 01, 2022
As of Friday, Russian authorities were denying many people entry into Finland via land, according to Russian news outlet Fontanka.
July 17, 2022
Nearly 130 of the council’s projects are up in the air, with little desire among member countries to continue cooperating with Russia.
May 27, 2022
Defence officials were tight-lipped about the symbolic visit of the planes in Finnish airspace, which came as US troops joined exercises in southeast Finland.
May 14, 2022