Russia´s newest frigate "Admiral Gorshkov" sailing in Arctic waters. Photo:

New series of frigates for Arctic waters

Russia is constructing a new series of frigates for the Northern Fleet. The first ship of the “Admiral Gorshkov” class has started training in the icy waters of the White Sea.
января 14, 2016


The new frigates (Project 22350) are to become a cornerstone in Russia’s Northern Fleet. The 4500 tons heavy, 135 meters long ships are designed to perform multiple roles. They are to be able to execute long-range strikes, conduct anti-submarine warfare and to carry out escort missions.

At least eight vessels of the kind are projected, but navy officials have said that Russia needs more. So far, Northern Yard in St. Petersburg has completed one ship, and has three more under different stages of completion.

The first vessel of the series, “Admiral Gorshkov” arrived in Severodvinsk in Arkhangelsk region last autumn, and is now undergoing final state tests. The vessel conducted live firing of cruise missiles in the White Sea in November, Northern Fleet spokesman Capitan 1st Rank Vadim Serga told TASS.

The new vessels are armed with 130-mm artillery, Onyx and Kalibr missiles, air defense missiles and torpedoes.

The second vessel, “Admiral Kasatonov” was launched in December 2014 and is under completion at Northern Yard. According to the yard, the ship is 81% ready, RIA Novosti reports. It has earlier been said that “Admiral Kasatonov” will be commissioned in 2016.

The two next ships of the series, “ Admiral Golovko” and “Admiral Isakov” were laid down in February 2012 and November 2013, respectively. 


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