Thomas Nilsen

Energy Advisor Runa Haugh Khoury says a new power cable to Svalbard can supply both Norwegian and Russian settlements on the archipelago.
August 23, 2016
Russia’s Arctic development needs concrete, lots of concrete. In Murmansk, the Norwegian producer does its best to meet demand, despite having a director declared persona no grata.
August 23, 2016
Arctic sea ice melts away and Daniel Skjeldam predicts a big growth in voyages to northern waters.
August 22, 2016
“72-hours visa freedom gives more possibilities, more guests, more work, better business,” says local tourist handler Sergey Arzumanov.
August 16, 2016
Don’t throw the first stone. Norwegian military border guards and police acted properly.
August 15, 2016
More than half of all grouse shot in Norway last season were hunted in the two northernmost counties; Troms and Finnmark.
August 11, 2016
Civilians asked to stay calm for the next three days. Despite “specific smell” – the smoke is harmless to people, Defence officials assure.
August 10, 2016
Norway’s Minister of Fisheries Per Sandberg calls on more cooperation in border areas after a scandalous video shows how tons of dead and half-dead salmon were dumped on the coast of the Barents Sea.
August 10, 2016
While the Russian Navy brags about its new class of nuclear-powered destroyers and other sophisticated surface vessels, Norwegian experts belive the massive construction program is built on fragile foundations.
August 09, 2016
Anthrax is one of many infectious disease agents preserved in the record melting permafrost.
August 07, 2016