Saara-Maria Salonen

Two leading Sámi politicians pay visit to ST1 as opposition to the energy company's Davvi project mounts in the indigenous community.
December 01, 2021
The hydroelectric power plant in Kirakkaköngäs has been creating energy for the Inari region since the early 1950s. Located between the towns of Inari and Ivalo, the plant has been a staple for the locals who travel between the towns almost daily. Now, after 70-years of work, Inari municipality and Inergia Oy, the water and electricity supplier, are ready to cease the plant’s activity and allow water and fish to move freely between the local lakes and rivers.
November 01, 2021
There are 'tense and unpredictable' changes in the operational environment, the national security document reads.
October 11, 2021