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Feeling unwell? If you live in northern Finland you might soon have to visit the local health kiosk.
September 14, 2016
China’s famous winter tourism city signs sister-city agreement and sees good prospects of business cooperation with Russia’s Arctic capital.
September 08, 2016
Ruslan Tishenko admits that he accepted a six million rubles bribe from the industrial company.
September 07, 2016
Patriarch Kirill makes his fourth visit to the Russian Arctic in less than three months. This week, the turn had come to Pevek, the east Arctic settlement.
September 07, 2016
Vladimir Putin’s ruling party United Russia got all time low in the latest poll before the Ministry of Justice took action.
September 06, 2016
This has been orchestrated by regional Governor Khudilainen, Yabloko leader Galina Shirshina says.
August 31, 2016
Oleg Drozdov with the Yabloko Party in Murmansk runs for a seat in the State Duma, but is not allowed to do street campaigning, gets limited media coverage and zero access to the closed military towns where nearly 100.000 voters live.
August 30, 2016
Local roads get new asphalt, buildings are painted and a whole street is wrapped in screen nets as Patriarch Kirill comes to town this week.
August 16, 2016
The nearby Barents Sea is sprawling with fish. On land, town dwellers have an increasingly diverse mix of tourist attractions, contemporary culture and fish processing on offer.
August 15, 2016
Erna Solberg is to consider a proposal to give Finland the peak of Halti mountain in Lapland as a present to make a hundred years of Finnish independence.
July 28, 2016
A plane loaded with icons for the new local cathedral lands in Navy town Severomorsk. Patriarch Kirill will officially open the church house in August.
July 27, 2016
Foreign citizens with temporary residency will be allowed to travel more freely. And law violators will be quicker kicked out of the country.
July 26, 2016
Salmon fishing disputes that have plagued the Tenojoki river area for decades have risen to the surface once again after hard-line gear restrictions were implemented by Norwegian and Finnish government authorities. Residents of Utsjoki, the northernmost city in Finland, stand sharply divided over the new proposed rules.
July 14, 2016
Norway’s King Harald and Queen Sonja will travel together with several ministers in September.
July 11, 2016
Trust-building is the keyword, the Finnish President said after his meeting with Vladimir Putin.
July 04, 2016
The election of Alexey Veller as United Russia’s top candidate in the region did not proceed without violations, reports say.
July 01, 2016
Registered producers of booze increase output as measures are taken against black market.
June 30, 2016
The leader of the Russian Orthodox Church pays tribute to Gulag victims in Vorkuta.
June 28, 2016
It will be a working visit, the Finnish presidential office says about the meeting due 1 July.
June 28, 2016
This summer the unique dog works at at the old mining settlement by the Silbojokk river in Nasafjäll in northern Sweden.
June 23, 2016
Churchmen and diplomats from the two countries meet at the grave of an unnamed Russian sailor deceased on Norway’s Barents Sea coast more than 100 years ago.
June 17, 2016
The motivation is there, but stronger leadership and clearer mandates are needed, Rebecka Snefuglli Sondell says about her study on the Barents working groups.
June 14, 2016
Russia’s Arctic bishop pays a visit to new tundra oil field.
June 09, 2016
The United Russia primaries in Murmansk were marred by internal conflict, a new report claims. At the same time, popular support for the government-loyal party is in sharp decline.
June 09, 2016